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How to set up a drip (autoresponder) campaign

Solution The basic idea is to set up a series of email messages, set the criteria for who receives the drip, and to set the timing for each message, which is measured from when a contact is added to the list.

When you create an autoresponder sequence, it is associated with the list you send it to, so when you go to view all your autoresponders you select the list first, and then see all the autoresponders set to go to that list.

It can be helpful to set up separate lists for different marketing purposes, and create separate sign up forms for each one for your website. This simplifies the process of setting parameters for who receives each autoresponder message, as you can set up a series for each separate list and not have to worry about which message is segmented which way.

Detailed steps:

Create a new autoresponder:
Autoresponder > Create an Autoresponder
First screen: Select the list

Each autoresponder is associated with a list. You can set filtering within that list in the next step.

Second screen: Name the message

It's a good idea to identify the series, indicate something of the content and/or segmentation of the list, and the position in the sequence in the name. When you are up to a few dozen autoresponders for a list it can be hard to keep track of them.

Set the criteria for who will receive the autoresponder. You can choose whether to send it to all the contacts on the associated list, or to set filters up so only contacts who meet certain criteria should see the message. You can filter by the values in any custom field, or send to people who did or did not take an action like opening a message or clicking a link, filter by how long they have been on the list etc, etc.

Third screen: Set the timing

Set the "from" and "reply" addresses, etc. Set whether the message should go only to new contacts, or to everyone who is already on the list when you create the new message.

Set the timing of the messages, in hours, days, weeks, months or years form when the contact joined the list.

Set tracking details, and choose a template for the new message or start with the blank editor.

Fourth screen: Create the message

Work from a template or start from scratch - just the same as creating a regular message. Save and exit.

New messages are set to inactive by default. In the "View Autoresponders" screen you click the red "X" to activate the message. You can preview any message, pause an active one, edit it, copy it to set up another message, or delete it.

Add yourself to the list to test the message - especially important if it contains any dynamic content, which can't be previewed otherwise.
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